Cedar Lodge Cabins


Relaxation Massage

Massage is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury thanks to our increasingly demanding, complex and stressful lives.

At Cedar Lodge Cabins we create a peaceful ambience with the optional use of essential oils and soothing background music (guests can bring in their own music and oils if they prefer). Massages vary from a half hour, one hour or one and a half hour full body massage or a back, neck and shoulder massage. Whatever the time frame, guests are encouraged to let us know which muscle groups require particular attention. Our therapists can also make suggestions.

A relaxation massage can produce a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. and you may feel sleepy and light headed. We suggest you drink plenty of water after your massage and refrain from doing anything too energetic directly afterwards.

Regular massage promotes deeper and more restful sleep at night and produces greater energy during the day. There are also benefits for circulation and improvements in the efficiency of the lymphatic system, which helps rid the body of toxins and dissolve general sluggishness.


Please arrange appointments when booking accommodation to ensure availability.

30 min Relaxation Massage $55
60 min Relaxation Massage $100
90 min Relaxation Massage $145